What Is Afro Kinky

Afro Kinky

Afro Kinky is considered one of the most delicate and delicate hair types on the planet.  Afro Kinky requires a soft handle and gentle care to grow and thrive.  This includes proper hair care regimen, a healthy diet and of course maintaining protective style when necessary.

  Your hair needs and your hair care methods are usually dictated by your hair texture.  For example, a queen with straight hair may use a fine-toothed comb to style her hair, while a queen with curly or afro-kinky hair can use a wide-toothed comb or fingers for natural hair styling and detangling.

  How to identify afro kinky

    Tightly curly or coiled hair is the natural curl pattern for most queens.  Type 4 hair texture has delicate and densely packed hair.  These 4 types of hair can be considered both kinky curly or kinky collie, depending on the curl pattern. 

  Type 4A looks like the letter “S” in its natural state when the hair is clean and free of product.  The curl pattern is often described as a defined coil.  If your hair is type 4A then your crown requires more moisture and hydration than other types of hair.  The good news is that the texture of your hair is known to retain moisture well.

  The 4B hair texture has a slightly less defined curl pattern than the 4A hair.  A single edge of your hair type will resemble the letter “z”, because the hair has sharp angles instead of curves.  Type 4B hair can shrink up to 70 percent of its length, so even if your hair is 20-inches long, it may appear that your hair is only 6 inches in length when completely dried.

  Type 4C hair has tightly tangled hair without a defined curl pattern.  Your hair’s texture is more resistant to moisture and can shrink up to 75 percent of its actual length.  It is also the most dense.  As the most delicate hair texture it requires regular care to prevent breakage and damage.  Damage is most frequent in 4C hair because it dries more quickly than other types of hair and thus there is a risk of tangles and hair loss.

  Development of afro kinky

  There are many hair typing systems that currently exist but there are many more emerging systems as well.  Understanding your curl pattern and hair type is essential to ensure that you maintain a healthy crown and find natural hair extensions that blend radically with your curl pattern.

  As more Queens transition to wearing their natural black hair, hair product manufacturers have begun to develop and create a hair typing system, personalized around Kiro’s hair types.  These manufacturers have begun introducing natural hair wigs, weaves and extensions by creating their own hair typing systems to cater to queens in search of more sustainable care for their hair texture.