The Top Rap Music Producers

The Top Rap Music Producers

We start with the best rap music Producers ever.  You can see that at least one sub-genre (like East Coast or New York rap) tops if not many.  You will know how to find the best and richest rappers in the world because the elite needs the best they can offer.

       Let’s start by counting down the list of the best Producers of all time:–

       DJ Premier

       DJ Premier is one of the best rap producers in history.

       DJ Premier (aka Primo) is a master of East Coast sampling sound mixed with old-fashioned boom-bap.  His favorite samples veer towards soul, funk and jazz styles mixed with platinum scratches.

       Prim debuted with Guru as one half of the Gang Star group.  Since then, he has not only produced beats for top artists for decades, but has made his skills available to all the famous rappers.  He cares about the culture and will work with anyone he shows is just as authentic.

       Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind

       Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind is one of the best beat Producers in the rap game right now.

       You may not have heard of Stupa, the enemy of mankind, but you’ve probably heard of Jedi Mind Tricks, the group he trains with.  He becomes the man of choice in Philadelphia and is another master of sampling.  The choices are so deep, from classical music to old foreign songs, you’ll never recognize them again.

       The Alchemist

       Alchemist at one of the world’s best hip hop Producer.

       Oddly enough, The Alchemist is from the West Coast, but has become a legend in East Coast genre production.  Many of the best hits you’ve heard of over the years have come from his production, though he’s only recently started putting a musical signature to his beats in an effort to make a big name for himself among fans.

       His style is typical of the East Coast, often with boom-bap-style drums that form the basis of other interesting arrangements and orchestration.  For his singles and backing tracks in his albums, he has become a benchmark producer for many great artists.

       Just Blaze

       Just Blaze has some of the most influential beat productions in the rap industry.

       While Just Blaze is known for producing several albums with Jay-Z, he has composed beats for so many artists that they can’t even be listed in one place.  His skills extended to composing video game soundtracks and even earned him the key to the city of Paterson.

       Their instrumental tracks provide punchy rhythm and are often used by artists who wish to create sensation with hymn singles on the radio.

       The Medicine Men

       The Medicine Men, formerly known as Beats by the Pound, are one of the leading hip hop producing groups in history.

       You’re probably wondering, “Who? Because The Medicine Men used to be called Beats by the Pound. It’s the four-person rhythm production team that’s been responsible for No Limit Records’ incredible career. They’re some of the toughest you’ll hear.  Bringing the Southern Beats to the fore.

       What was special about him, apart from raw ability, was the sound sources and one-shots he used in his instruments.  They brought into the mainstream a very unique collection of sounds that no one was used to hearing.


       Timbaland is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading rap producers.

       Timbaland jumped on stage and evolved single after single for great artists.  He had his own unique style in the past, but in the 2010s he revised his style up to include a number of ’80s-influenced synth hits and melodies, and since then it’s just faded away.

       Very few Producers have a truly unique style that elevates them to the top.  In this list too, Timbaland is the only one who has made his place.  There was a time when you used to include one of his instrumental songs in at least half the songs on the radio.