The Top Rap Music Producers

The Top Rap Music Producers

We start with the best rap music Producers ever.  You can see that at least one sub-genre (like East Coast or New York rap) tops if not many.  You will know how to find the best and richest rappers in the world because the elite needs the best they can offer.

       Let’s start by counting down the list of the best Producers of all time:–

       DJ Premier

       DJ Premier is one of the best rap producers in history.

       DJ Premier (aka Primo) is a master of East Coast sampling sound mixed with old-fashioned boom-bap.  His favorite samples veer towards soul, funk and jazz styles mixed with platinum scratches.

       Prim debuted with Guru as one half of the Gang Star group.  Since then, he has not only produced beats for top artists for decades, but has made his skills available to all the famous rappers.  He cares about the culture and will work with anyone he shows is just as authentic.

       Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind

       Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind is one of the best beat Producers in the rap game right now.

       You may not have heard of Stupa, the enemy of mankind, but you’ve probably heard of Jedi Mind Tricks, the group he trains with.  He becomes the man of choice in Philadelphia and is another master of sampling.  The choices are so deep, from classical music to old foreign songs, you’ll never recognize them again.

       The Alchemist

       Alchemist at one of the world’s best hip hop Producer.

       Oddly enough, The Alchemist is from the West Coast, but has become a legend in East Coast genre production.  Many of the best hits you’ve heard of over the years have come from his production, though he’s only recently started putting a musical signature to his beats in an effort to make a big name for himself among fans.

       His style is typical of the East Coast, often with boom-bap-style drums that form the basis of other interesting arrangements and orchestration.  For his singles and backing tracks in his albums, he has become a benchmark producer for many great artists.

       Just Blaze

       Just Blaze has some of the most influential beat productions in the rap industry.

       While Just Blaze is known for producing several albums with Jay-Z, he has composed beats for so many artists that they can’t even be listed in one place.  His skills extended to composing video game soundtracks and even earned him the key to the city of Paterson.

       Their instrumental tracks provide punchy rhythm and are often used by artists who wish to create sensation with hymn singles on the radio.

       The Medicine Men

       The Medicine Men, formerly known as Beats by the Pound, are one of the leading hip hop producing groups in history.

       You’re probably wondering, “Who? Because The Medicine Men used to be called Beats by the Pound. It’s the four-person rhythm production team that’s been responsible for No Limit Records’ incredible career. They’re some of the toughest you’ll hear.  Bringing the Southern Beats to the fore.

       What was special about him, apart from raw ability, was the sound sources and one-shots he used in his instruments.  They brought into the mainstream a very unique collection of sounds that no one was used to hearing.


       Timbaland is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading rap producers.

       Timbaland jumped on stage and evolved single after single for great artists.  He had his own unique style in the past, but in the 2010s he revised his style up to include a number of ’80s-influenced synth hits and melodies, and since then it’s just faded away.

       Very few Producers have a truly unique style that elevates them to the top.  In this list too, Timbaland is the only one who has made his place.  There was a time when you used to include one of his instrumental songs in at least half the songs on the radio.

What Is Afro Kinky

Afro Kinky

Afro Kinky is considered one of the most delicate and delicate hair types on the planet.  Afro Kinky requires a soft handle and gentle care to grow and thrive.  This includes proper hair care regimen, a healthy diet and of course maintaining protective style when necessary.

  Your hair needs and your hair care methods are usually dictated by your hair texture.  For example, a queen with straight hair may use a fine-toothed comb to style her hair, while a queen with curly or afro-kinky hair can use a wide-toothed comb or fingers for natural hair styling and detangling.

  How to identify afro kinky

    Tightly curly or coiled hair is the natural curl pattern for most queens.  Type 4 hair texture has delicate and densely packed hair.  These 4 types of hair can be considered both kinky curly or kinky collie, depending on the curl pattern. 

  Type 4A looks like the letter “S” in its natural state when the hair is clean and free of product.  The curl pattern is often described as a defined coil.  If your hair is type 4A then your crown requires more moisture and hydration than other types of hair.  The good news is that the texture of your hair is known to retain moisture well.

  The 4B hair texture has a slightly less defined curl pattern than the 4A hair.  A single edge of your hair type will resemble the letter “z”, because the hair has sharp angles instead of curves.  Type 4B hair can shrink up to 70 percent of its length, so even if your hair is 20-inches long, it may appear that your hair is only 6 inches in length when completely dried.

  Type 4C hair has tightly tangled hair without a defined curl pattern.  Your hair’s texture is more resistant to moisture and can shrink up to 75 percent of its actual length.  It is also the most dense.  As the most delicate hair texture it requires regular care to prevent breakage and damage.  Damage is most frequent in 4C hair because it dries more quickly than other types of hair and thus there is a risk of tangles and hair loss.

  Development of afro kinky

  There are many hair typing systems that currently exist but there are many more emerging systems as well.  Understanding your curl pattern and hair type is essential to ensure that you maintain a healthy crown and find natural hair extensions that blend radically with your curl pattern.

  As more Queens transition to wearing their natural black hair, hair product manufacturers have begun to develop and create a hair typing system, personalized around Kiro’s hair types.  These manufacturers have begun introducing natural hair wigs, weaves and extensions by creating their own hair typing systems to cater to queens in search of more sustainable care for their hair texture.

radio commercial

Radio Imaging And Commercial DJ Drops

Radio imaging is the umbrella term for composite impact of numerous and changed airborne audio signals that recognize, brand and market a specific radio station.  These audio signals include: voiceover, music beds, sweepers, presentations, promotions, liners, stingers, guards, shotguns, and jingles created by true radio commercial kings dj drops.  The full impact of these components in the air creates a general sound plan, which positions a radio station and a brand within the mall, and is intended to engage the socio-economics of the crowd that the station needs to attract (for example  , Men, Age 18-54).

  Radio Imaging loudly marks the radio station as unmistakably extraordinary and particular to other fun brands;  particularly, from other radio stations in a given market.  Radio Imaging enables members of the radio audience to effortlessly recognize a radio station and to separate a radio station well from the contestants through a unique and enhanced picture and sound, especially in a similar programming position (for example,  CHR, Country, Adult Contemporary, Sports, News / Talk, Classic Rock, Oldies, etc.).  The brand sound syntheses include sound marks that allow audience members to quickly distinguish the station they are listening to and visualize the type of substance or arrangement that will be played on the station.  In this sense, radio imagery sets the station’s overall mindset, vitality, and tone, while developing the brand’s nature, taste, and firmness with an audience.  The language used in radio imagery is written based on the target segment of the station, for example, radio stations that target a younger crowd will use language and terms that members of their audience can identify with.  Similarly, the voice-over used characterizes the brand of the station.  Additionally, filler arrangements including sweepers, promotions, and jingles make consistent changes between programming units and enhance the overall sound of the station, providing an increasingly complete and clean listening experience for the crowd.

  Why is the radio image important?

  Basically, radio imaging is important because radio is a sound-based medium, so sound-related marking is particularly critical.  While visual marking is also helpful, your station will never be as recognizable as it could be if it had some solid radio image.  

Therefore, you must have radio images on your station because:

  •   Help people instantly recognize your station.
  •   It gives audience members an idea of ​​what’s in store and enlightens them regarding their layout.
  •   It recognizes your station from different stations, making the listening experience unique, particularly corresponding to stations with comparative programming to yours.
  •   It gives your station an expert vibe.
  •   It allows you to self-promote yourself effortlessly.
  •   It supports bringing audience members back.
  •   It can help you attract new audience members.
  • Encourages you to take on the tone, layout and feel of your station to speak to a specific segment.
  •   Keeps current as images progress amid melodies, sections, etc.

Fashion Attacks Update


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Hi Babes! Exactly one week ago I went with 4 other girls, who are Nelson Ambassador too, to the Ecco Leather factory. It was all a surprise what we were going to do! I only know Ecco from the quality shoes, but what’s a bigger part of them is there own Ecco Leather. They even make leather for Marc Jacobs! But it was…


So babes, will this be the last summer look? The past few days it has been hot hot hot in Holland and I actually can’t wait to wear winter clothes. Or at least my leather jacket. In my idea I can combine and layer much more and that’s a big thing that I like. For now I keep wearing skirts, I know that…


Hi loves! It’s been a bit quiet on the blog the past few days, but it also has a reason. Lately I’m busy with a few new projects and today I can finally tell more about it. The photo has nothing to do with it! I just needed a photo and this was the one that came up in my mind. More about…


cleaning service

How To Keep Your House Clean

Instructions for keeping a house clean

  It is one thing to give each room intensive cleaning, however how would you make sure your home stays hassle free every day of the week?  In all honesty, indeed: a cleaning plan.  Summarize to keep your ice chest, divider, or work area to help keep you and your household tidy.  Your calendar should incorporate what should be done, however, when it should be finished.

  By separating errands from your small household on a day-to-day, week-to-week, and even month-to-month schedule, you can keep your home in violin shape year-round.

  Step by step instructions to keep a house clean daily

  Many people hold on until their house is chaotic to start cleaning.  Try to invest a little effort on a constant basis to keep your home as clean as you might expect under the circumstances.  These day-to-day errands are small but successful signs of how to keep a house clean.

  Make the bed.  The most ideal approach to start the day is making bed.  Basically, making your bed every day will have a ripple impact, allowing you to keep everything else perfect and clean.

  Impeccable while cooking.  As you discover how to keep a house clean, carefully consider clutter in the kitchen.  Throw away the empty parts and packages as you use them.  Wash pots and utensils while dinner is cooking on the grill.  Be sure to take care of dishes before soaking after dinner.  Cleaning as you go saves time and keeps your kitchen in violin shape.

  Get as you go.  Turn it into a strategic boundary disaster by earning your assets anytime you leave a room.  Bring a pair of shoes when you go upstairs, take the espresso cup up to the counter, and bring dirty clothes upstairs.

  Clean up disorders as they occur.  Do whatever it takes to leave no spill or small chaotic heap unattended.  Take a couple of minutes to wipe them off with a sticky material so you’re not handling the prepared stains towards the end of the week.

  Order the mail.  We receive mail every day, and most of that mail ends up being junk.  Instead of letting it pile up in your mailbox or counter, order it the next time you walk through the doorway.  Detect invoices, coupons and individual correspondence in their appropriate places at the moment you receive the mail and reuse the junk mail.

  Clear the kitchen floor.  The kitchen regularly observes more traffic than the rest of the house, which means the floor collects a large amount of dirt, debris, and jets.  You don’t spend nearly every day cleaning the floor, and you won’t see the dirt crawling around the house all week.

tampa seo services

Best Tampa seo

organic SEO services.

Imagine that you have put in all the work possible to make your site the ideal stage, and it is not enough.

  What happens when you have done an important part of organic SEO (search engine optimization) how can you complete it alone?  By the time you have abandoned yourself in the user interface of approximately six SEO devices, you are in no way sure that you have the correct examination of the information.  It is not just puzzling, it is a kind of risk to your business.

  What you’re messing with your SEO can cost you cash.  Facing the challenges does not bode well, while the redeployment of Tampa SEO services advisory administrations has such a significant number of focal points.

  The moment an assistance handles SEO for you, you can do what stands out.  Focus on the system, on partnerships with your vendors, or even on putting more effort into it for yourself.

  What exactly are organic SEO services?

  There are two types of results that come up when you enter terms into a web crawler: paid ads and organic results.  organic traffic costs the engine nothing to show up.  In any case, they must be meaningful, definitive, and of great value to reach the top capable enough.

  organic SEO delineation

  For anyone who does not have SEO proficiency, the way to take advantage of the best situations in SERPs or Internet search engine rankings (top of the main page) is to exploit SEO administrations.

  What does this SEO job accomplish?  The appropriate response is a prevailing and enduring situation in, or near the highest point of results.  Therefore, the benefits of this type of advanced promoter administrations (organic SEO) regularly incorporate lower costs and longer lasting results.

  Why is organic internet marketing important today?

  It was constantly significant.  The facts demonstrate that the unpaid results have lost some importance as Google has occupied more places for paid advertising.  Be that as it may, they started out as the most significant results, yet they have not surrendered that position for most searches.

  Google’s paid ads have gradually expanded their offering on commercial shopping questions.  Despite the development of paid advertising in the commercial aspect, organic results nevertheless have the preferred position.

  “Well deserved organic location remains the most compensating place for the commercial aspect of the neighborhood.

  Paid and organic

  The lasting intensity of organic results probably comes down to the critical contrasts between them and paid ads.  Nobody trusts paid ads as much as organic results, everyone understands that someone has paid for the benefit, not because the site offers the best data.

custom t shirt printing

What is the best custom t shirt printing ?

Regardless of whether you are starting your own custom printing organization or simply chose to start selling custom shirts, you should know the distinction between various shirt printing strategies / methods.  Some printing systems are more appropriate for explicit textures and, simultaneously, a specific printing procedure may be more appropriate for an occupation that depends on the volume of activity.  Also, the printing technique you end up using will also be affected by the number of shades in the frame you want to print.  With such a significant number of factors, it is difficult to choose a printing strategy!

  Screen printing

Screen printing is the most notable shirt printing strategy for shirt printing strategies.  People have used screen printing since before you and I were conceived.  These days, screen printing is done both by machine and by hand.  We should interpret why screen printing is celebrated.

  Part of the charm of screen printing is the screen printing inks used.  Silk screen printing inks are thicker than the inks used in other shirt printing techniques, allowing them to last longer and produce energetic tones consistent with life.  Make sure that you or your screen printer uses first-class inks, this is very significant!  Low quality inks will disappear quickly and will also feel peculiar.

Screen printing is best suited for large volume orders.  Depending on how big the plan is, the ink quality, the amount of squeegee pressure, the amount of strokes, and the job control, you can print somewhere within the range of 200-500 gallon shirts  screen printing ink, making it super costly productive.  Better believe it, those are for the most part factors to consider in case you need to understand how smart screen printing is.

Benefits of  Screen printing

  ✓ screen printing ink is deeply retained, giving you distinctive, gorgeous shades and the highest ruggedness.

  ✓ Once configured, you can deliver many shirts with a similar structure at a fast speed.

  ✓ It is perfect with most textures when you use the right combination of inks and screens for the texture it will remove.

  Drawbacks  of screen printing:

  •   If you intend to do it at home, you should think about this: it gets chaotic when silk screen printing.  Remember that it will work with ink and there will be spills.
  •   You need a lot of space to set up a legitimate screen printing work territory.
  •   The space you need should be dust free and dark to help save screens and ink.
  •   Great expectation to learn and adapt.
  •   Limited position in fine arts.
beat maker

Buy Trap Beats Online

When an artist is looking to make custom tracks, they are seeking the option to buy rap beats that are perfect for their sound. After all, the music industry is filled with many talented artist that are looking to make a big impact into the game. Special Thanks to blastbeat for helping us make amazing song using the latest trap beats around.

Over the last few years it’s been difficult to identify what exact is talent. With so many rappers sounding a link one brand has proven to stand above all the competition and has drop nothing buy cheap trap beats for sale that are simply breathtaking.

The music art form is something that can’t be described in one word. However on the website, this brand has a focus of making trap beats and northern hiphop beats that sound exceptionally well. So if your a new rapper looking to put together a new project it is essential to have records that will touch the hearts and minds of the listener.

You want to use beat making software that is on par with the rest of the industry so that young sound stands above all the noise in a complicated and over crowed music industry.


SEO In The Digital Marketing Era

In the modern era, Digital Marketing has become the most effective way to do internet marketing today. That’s why during this new recession it’s important to have affordable seo packages that can help your business grow fast.

You need a seo service that understands that you have many expenses however you still need to keep your business a float during these challenging times.

For instance if you have a small local company and would like to start gaining new visitors its become more important than ever to have the maps lead your potentially cleints to the correct location.

So that’s why having an affordable seo company the backs you can allow you to build a brand with minimal cost during one of the most challenging economic quarters.

So it’s become even more vitial to stay consistent to have a plan that fits perfectly in your budget that also enables you to continue getting leads that are higher in conversation and user engagement metrics that are constantly over look.

Beard Care And Grooming Essentials for Every Man

We see more and more bearded men now than ever before, and that’s possible because there are more men now who are looking to grow great beards, and now more than ever, there are black men beard care grooming products that make it possible to grow an amazing beard. Perhaps because it’s something that’s on my mind, so I notice it more?

At times, guys with beards think that all they need to do is to make a decision to grow it and that it will grow and look and feel amazing, without them having to put much effort into it? Unfortunately, this just wouldn’t work.

We know that beards give guys that rugged sexy appearance, but this is far from neglecting your beard. The key to a well-groomed beard lies in what you do daily to take care of it, wash it properly and moisturize it.

Let’s look at what it takes to have a great looking beard:

Prep It

If you’ve made a decision to grow your beard into something that looks amazing to the eye, you have to know that in the beginning, your beard my actually be itchy. This could be very irritating, and it is what makes many guys give up growing their beards.

There is a great remedy though: exfoliation. This will encourage the generation of new cells on a daily, and it will help with the itchiness..

Clean It

Shampooing your beard is just as important as washing your hair . . . seriously.

Just like your hair, if you neglect to wash and moisturize, growing your beard will become a nightmare. For one, you are going to have to deal with beardruff, which looks terrible. And secondly, your beard is not going to smell all that great, and the woman/women in your life will be affected by that . . . obviously.

Tame It

We know most guys who grow beards want to have that ruggedly look, which is great. However, you need to be able to tame your beard properly.

So, every beaded guy should have a comb/brush for their beard, that won’t irritate your skin, something that will do a great job with your beard and keeping it nice.

Before you apply beard oil or beard balm, comb your beard first, to get it untangled, which will make it easier for you to apply black men beard care products. After application of the necessary products, comb your beard again, and go for the kind of look you want.

Trim It

Yes, we know you are trying to grow your beard, however, a trim now and again is necessary. There are great trimmers for beards out there, you could one at places like Clicks, Game or you could try one of those online shops.

Maintain It

Maintaining your beard is something that you must commit to doing.

A mustache kit and beard grooming is a must-have if you want to look great, and for your beard/mustache to look great too.

Groom It

Beard oil is a must-have if you are at all serious at keeping your beard looking and feeling amazing. Beyond taking care of your oil, the beard oil will also ensure that the skin under the beard is also getting some love.

There are great South African beard care products that you can have access to.

Style It

If you take good care of your beard and you are committed to grooming and maintaining it, you will find that it will grow nicely. And as it grows, you will find that it will need more hold to keep it the way you want for long periods of time.

This may mean you introducing a beard balm to keep in place, especially if you are looking to style it.